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Pricing is subject to change - please revisit occasionally.
Prices listed below are current as of 10/10/2013.
Thank you for your interest!



PT17 biplane $95.00/person

Glider $95.00/person

Aerobatic $95.00/person

Regular airplane $45.00/person



Cost is per hour and includes fuel and oil.


J3 Cub:
$66.00 and $72.00
Champ: $66.00
C150: $78.00
C172: $103.00
Citabria: $120.00
Piper Arrow: $152.00
Stearman PT-17: $196.00                                                                 
Taylorcraft: $78.00


Schweizer233: $40.00          

Flight instruction is $34.00 per hour in rental aircraft listed.

Flight Instruction in your private aircraft $37.00 per hour.

Inquire about current tow rates


Rules for rentals - Tailwheel airplanes:

10 knot wind limit from any direction.

Landings limited to 40I (unless you are receiving dual from one of our instructors)

In order to rent the Stearman you must be checked out in our Piper Cub
or Aeronca Champ first, no matter how many tailwheel hours you have.

All airplanes:

Renters are required to carry renters insurance. The amount varies according to the airplane you are renting.                            

These rules have been put in place to protect our airplanes. 

Please pick up a complete list of rules in our office.



We are open 7 days a week 8am-dark.

Rides and instruction are offered 7 days a week.

Glider rides and instruction are offered on Saturday and Sunday. For
the glider, there is a 220 pound weight limit.

For aerobatics there is a 200 pound weight limit.